Spray Foam

Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Get spray foam insulation in the South Haven, Holland, Wyoming, Muskegon, MI and the surrounding areas

Would you like a warmer home in the winter and a cooler one in the summer? What if you could also save money on your power bills? You can have both when you hire a spray foam installer for insulation services in South Haven, Holland, Wyoming, Muskegon, MI or the surrounding areas. The Mitten Insulation Inc team can make sure that your home is better insulated. Rely on us for your spray foam insulation needs.

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Insulate your home

If you want to increase your home's value, then consider spray foam insulation. This material is a great choice because it:


  • Cannot absorb water or get moldy
  • Expands into corners to totally seal up walls
  • Has a higher density than other types of insulation

Get superior insulation to keep your home's temperature consistent year-round. For new construction, we can look at the blueprints to give you a free estimate. If it's a completed building, we'll need to see it in person. Reach out to a spray foam installer today.